Access 1 2 3

Like the human body, a forklift is comprised of a variety of critical functions that work together to accomplish a wide range of tasks. And like the brain, Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control communicates with every truck system to safely maximise throughput.

Crown’s Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control enables safe, reliable lift truck performance and diagnostics across the full line of Crown trucks.

Other forklift suppliers often use third-party control systems, whereas the Crown-built Access 1 2 3 system is purpose-built for use in our lift trucks. So in addition to getting a lift truck that’s tough enough to handle the job, you’ll also acquire the brains that make Crown the highest-performing brand in the business


Access 1 2 3 Solution

Achieving productivity and cost savings begins with each lift truck performing to its potential.

1 – Safe, Optimised Performance
Through programmable performance settings and feedback via an intuitive display, Access 1 2 3 monitors and controls truck components while considering the operator skill-level setting, the environment and the tasks performed.

2 – Unmatched Reliability
At Crown, reliability is more than the result of a single feature or component. Crown has earned a solid reputation for the longest-lasting trucks in the industry by controlling the quality of our components and systems, implementing an extensive testing regime and supporting our product with generous warranty programmes.

3 – Advanced Diagnostics
Crown’s Access 1 2 3 diagnostics, coupled with InfoPoint®, provide technicians with a fast, easy, and effective approach to troubleshooting. This consistent application of technology across the entire Crown line of trucks reduces service time, training and expense.