What is InfoLink?

Designed and developed by Crown, InfoLink® is a wireless operator and forklift fleet management solution that puts the power of accurate, up-to-date, business metrics right at your fingertips.

Technology has revolutionised the way we capture, share and act on information, in our personal lives and most aspects of modern business. Crown brings the benefits of technology to material handling by connecting lift trucks, operators, and facilities to give you a new perspective on your fleet.

When robust data drives confident decisions, your organisation can achieve improved results:

  • Lower costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved safety and compliance
  • Optimised operations

InfoLink: Move your business forward with Crown.

InfoLink wirelessly connects your entire fleet, capturing critical truck and operator data to provide valuable insights about your operation.



Operator Data Tracking

InfoLink® lets you monitor and manage the operator factors that have the greatest impact on your bottom line.


  • Manage equipment access, operator certification
  • Streamline pre-shift inspections
  • Document the process with digital records


  • Receive incident alerts and impact details
  • Identify problem spots to reduce damage
  • Promote safe truck operation


  • Record and compare truck activity by operator
  • Analyse productivity across facilities, departments, shifts
  • Ensure optimal use of equipment for the task

Fleet Data Tracking

With InfoLink®, tracking and managing essential forklift fleet factors is a simple, seamless process.


  • Track equipment status
  • Optimise fleet size and equipment allocation
  • Identify long-term and seasonal needs


  • Optimise battery/tank changes
  • Improve battery life and performance
  • Calculate fuel expense


  • Schedule service to minimise downtime
  • Streamline repairs
  • Inform life cycle decisions

Simple to Implement, Scales Easily, and Delivers Outstanding ROI.

By combining precise truck-based sensors, secure wireless data transmission, and a cloud-based management portal, InfoLink provides maximum benefits with minimal equipment or expense.


InfoLink Forklift Fleet Management helps reduce fleet damage

“InfoLink has given us so much more than merely access control and it’s making a real impact on our bottom line. It took a little while to get to know the system, but now that we are more familiar with it, its benefits have become more apparent. Damage has fallen, and real-time usage, battery and fault data means we have been able to opt for a planned maintenance contract.”

— Gerrit Viveen, Yamaha Motorcycles

Real-time alerts, intuitive dashboards, and detailed reports provide the information you need, when and how you need it, to make data-driven decisions.



Powerful Tools for Confident Decisions.

Precise data and pure processing power are only part of the story. What really matters is translating information into insights you can use to make effective business decisions. InfoLink forklift fleet management makes this easy, with immediate views of key performance factors (status at-a-glance). Now, keeping your entire fleet performing at peak — and promoting operator safety and productivity — is easier than ever.


Opportunity Indicators

Review key performance factors at a glance, and immediately identify key action items.


Interactive Dashboards

Explore and analyse issues quickly, and set benchmarks using visually appealing charts and graphs.


Detailed Reports

Generate fully detailed, customised reports automatically or whenever required.



Establish personalised goals for a quick and easy visual comparison of performance to goals.

Infolink Forklift Fleet Management helps reduce fleet size

“InfoLink® forklift fleet management has given us visibility. As well as the operator efficiency improvements, there have been additional financial benefits. It’s a fact – Crown really helped us to reduce our operating costs.”

— Bobby Arman, Spicers

With InfoLink, it’s easy to define benchmarks and measure results for continual progress in reducing expenses, improving safety, and increasing productivity.



Results Company-Wide

InfoLink® combines integrated data and a user-friendly interface, allowing authorised users in diverse roles to discover insights and deliver better results throughout your organisation.