From simplest forklift found in every warehouse to the 25to capacity one, from most usual pallet truck to the most complex logistic solution, from ENTRY LEVEL offer to the most sophisticated VNA truck, we are offering all range of forklifts and warehouse equipment, machines built by Crown Lift Truck US, Hyundai Korea and Pegasolift Italy.


Company policy is to integrate vertically, so we consider selling forklifts related products like tires or traction batteries as the main business objects also, we do not outsource them. Thereby, we are selling Hawker traction batteries as Enersys biggest dealer in Romania, we are Master Distributor of US famous Trojan Battery and we are stocking over 1500 Trelleborg superelastic tires at the disposal of our clients.

Besides the equipment that we sell or rent, together with producers who are our partners, we provide our customers with complex solutions: Infolink is a fleet management tool for optimal administration of the entire fleet of equipment, WI-IQ is a wireless device used for tracking the behavior of traction batteries and Util 1-2-3 is an interactive dedicated service software solution


We are continuously improving the quality of our service level expanding our geographic coverage, organizing technical training programs, developing software applications. Rental of equipment, long or short, is rapidly growing in importance among our priorities. As we dispose of trucks for forklifts transport, we also provide our customers with a safe transport equipment solution.


Responsibility to the customer

We use all resources to meet the customer's expectations. We try to anticipate them. We capitalise on acquired experience, but never stop learning. We do not complicate what is simple, but we also have complex solutions for difficult applications. We do not offer what we cannot deliver; we do not say we know something when in fact we do not.

Responsibility to the community

We do not allow our employees to lack decorum or to be disrespectful. Cleanliness, good taste and correct use of Romanian language is at the heart of our activity. We cherish the European values, respect of the law, we calculate and pay fairly all due taxes.

Responsibility to the environment

We deal with handling and soring environmental dangerous waste (tire, oil, battery). We take on responsibility for all legal obligations in the field and try to surpass the established requirements. We use non-conventional energy sources, develop and take care of green fields.