• load capacity 1,2to
  • lifting forks 960mnm
  • forks 1150mm standard, up to 1450mm optional
  • traction engine AC 4kW / engine hydraulic 2,2kW
  • traction battery 24V 620Ah
  • load capacity 2,0to
  • lifting forks 850mnm
  • forks 2400mm
  • traction engine AC 4kW / engine hydraulic 2,2kW
  • traction battery 24V 620Ah

Order Pickers Crown  GPC3045/3055

Driving Performance

The powerful AC motor provides strong acceleration and control at any speed. Sensors monitor functional parameters of the order picker including load weight and steering angle and adjust operational settings automatically to suit conditions.


The order pickers feature a 24-volt electrical system with nominal battery capacities from 420 Ah to 620 Ah.

Crown’s Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control and efficient AC motors provide higher performance with lower energy consumption.

Operator Controls

All functions of the order picker models are controlled by the award winning X10® handle that allows simultaneous operation of all functions with one hand. A large information display provides battery discharge level, operational status and service messages to the operator of the order picker.


Electronic steering is standard on the GPC 3020 / 3050 order picker models, providing precise and responsive control.

Intelligent steering system slows the travel speed in curves.

Drive Unit

Quiet, integrated drive unit with 3-phase (AC) traction and steer motors provides high torque, fast acceleration, energy efficiency and low maintenance of the order pickers.