Trelleborg superelastic tires are the total solution for all your material handling equipment needs. They are designed to provide excellent wear and energy efficiency. The Trelleborg superelastic tire range has been developed for heavy duty use on forklift trucks. This line of tires offer customers an additional range of tires besides pneumatic rubber products.

Mastersolid is a reliable product that can save money from the first run right up to replacement. Made from quality rubber compounds, it delivers good wear and abrasion resistance, exceptional low rolling resistance, increased shock absorption assuring a reliable and maintenance free product.The squared profile and the functional tread pattern allow good stability, optimal riding comfort and increased efficiency.

Premia solid tires are designed for long lasting performance. The square footprint provides even wear and increased stability. The advanced compounding and premium natural rubber combines to create a tire that has excellent heat resistance resulting in a longer tire life. Our compounding expertise allows us to offer a wide range of compounds.