• load capacity 1,8to
  • masts duplex 3,225-3,81 and triplex 3,96m
  • traction engine AC 2,0kW
  • engine hydraulic AC 3,3kW
  • traction battery 24V 225Ah
  • load capacity 1,8to
  • masts duplex 3,225-3,81m and triplex 3,96-4,875m
  • traction engine AC 2,0kW
  • engine hydraulic AC 3,3kW
  • traction battery 24V 525Ah

Straddle Stackers SH 5500

Electrical System

The straddle stackers SH 5500 feature a 24-volt powered lift and travel system.

SH 5520-1.8 – up to 225 Ah battery
SH 5540-1.8 – up to 525 Ah battery

Load Handling Configuration

A fixed straddle with adjustable forks can be set from the factory to handle a variety of loads.

Drive Unit & Brakes

An AC traction motor, combined with a heavy-duty gearbox with a helical spur input gear, provides quiet operation and powerful performance of the straddle stackers.

Regenerative motor braking is activated under downhill conditions, during plugging or when the directional control is returned to neutral. An electromagnetic brake, mounted on top of the drive motor, serves as the parking brake and applies when the control handle position moves from the operating zone to brake zone during operation.


Two and three stage masts feature angled cross bracing and lift cylinders located behind nested I-beams for maximum visibility. The low-profile power unit and centrally located control handle of the heavy-duty straddle stackers further enhance visibility.


The heavy-duty straddle stackers feature electronic power steering for effortless steering and a Brake Override that enables slow-speed travel with the handle in a near-vertical position. These features improve manoeuvrability and handling in tight areas