Tugger Train Pegasolift

Very useful for transportation of the materials and semi-finished goods from warehouse to production posts in the crowded facilities where safety rules doesn’t allow the use of bigger vehicles as forklifts.

Used mainly on automotive plants,  it a ‘mid-layer’ component to move materials through the industrial premises where different material supports need to be hosted onto the same train.

Tugger train can be operated with 2 to 5 trailers with a max. loading capacity of the complete train of 4Tons.
Depending on the connected direction, the trailers can be loaded from the left or from t he right side.
Benefit by lifted trolley wheels when travelling

  • No damage nor consumption of the trolley wheels
  • Silent operation and little space requirements due to narrow turning radius
  • Optimum directional stability due to high wheel pressure of the central axle of the TGT frame..


Available standard sizes:

– EURO 1/1 (load dimensions: 1200×800)

– EURO 1/2 (load dimensions: 800×600)

– INDUSTRIAL  (load dimensions: 1200×1000)